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Bali Bungalow Rent

This website is your guide to find your exotic holiday destination in Lovina North Bali.

In cooperation with the owner of the Villa, Bali Bungalow Rent currently rents out 15 holiday villas, which helps you find the accommodation of your dreams on Bali.

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Through the villa bungalow links you’ll find detailed information about these private villas that can be
considered to be luxurious resorts, in which rest and privacy are complemented with excellent service.
All villas are located adjacent to the beach, have at least one pool and rooms, beautifully designed with that typical Bali ambience.
During your stay the staff will be at your service six days a week, to make sure that you receive anything your heart may desire. Apart from their household tasks, the staff can also prepare meals on your request. In short, all villas with associated and friendly Balinese staff have everything you need for an unforgettable vacation.

The holiday villas are located over a length of 6 km at the west of Singaraja in 6 different villages that stretch from Lovina to Lokapaksa with a fantastic hinterland of sawas (rice fields), mountains and vineyards. From this area you can make trips and enjoy the beautiful waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, the rice field landscape, the many monuments and the Balinese culture.

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Lovina is about 4 km to the West of Singaraja, the capital of North Bali and a 90 km drive away from the capital Denpasar. Outside of the southern cities you’ll find the largest area with a lava sand beach that stretches over many kilometers, which is also suitable for children due to its lack of big waves under current and breakers.

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